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Darren Derrick

"If I had the money to give you, I'd buy one right now." Darren Derrick, International Team Coordinator, for the Boulder, Boulder, (4th largest race in the US and 10th largest race in the world.)

Russ Walker

Measurements of my own hemoglobin increased from 15.3 to 18.2 after 15 days in the bed…My maximum sustainable wattage went from 300 to 340 watts. Russ Walker, two-time defending Louisiana State Bicycle road race champion.

Marcelo Balboa
Colorado Rapids, Professional Soccer

Marcelo is presently conditioning in the altitude chamber starting as of November 2001 during his off-season. The Boulder Heart Institute of Boulder Colorado is monitoring his progress. Marcelo's trainer is very much aware of the positive benefits of altitude conditioning and is very excited about the potential effects altitude conditioning will have on Marcelo.

Brian Hollister
2001 Vail Ultra 100, 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race, Vail Colorado.

Brian did not finish the race, he got injured at the 40-mile mark, but here is what he said,

"My muscles were firing great! I was not laboring for breath at the mountain passes." And, "My heart rate recovery time improved." Brian Hollister.

Brian conditioned in the altitude chamber only 2 hour per day for ten days prior to the race, and said;

"I actually noticed an overall improvement in my performance for the limited time I conditioned in the altitude chamber." and said; "I normally would have placed in the top 50 of this race, but my time at the 40-mile mark had me in the top 10." Brian Hollister.

Brian Hollister of Littleton, Colorado 303-979-2585

Colleen Dereuch
"I've been conditioning in the Altitude Chamber prior to my competitions and the chamber significantly improved my overall performance. I won or placed in three major events after conditioning at altitude. I attribute these wins to my hard training and Altitude Fitness." Colleen Dereuch.

October 8th, 2001: Tufts Health Plan, 10K Run, Boston, Mass. 1st Place.

October 14th, 2001: Barrios, 10k Run, SanDiego, California. 1st Place.

November 4th, 2001: New York City Marathon, 26.2 Mile Run. 3rd Place American Women, 14th Place Overall.

Colleen Dereuch of Boulder, Colorado 303-544-1849

Who really wants to win?

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