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Meet Bob

Hi…My name is Bob Greska and I thought you might want to know a little about me. I come from Massachusetts where I grew up in my father's cabinet shop. As a cabinetmaker he taught me all about precision and quality. His shop was located above a fiberglass shop where the first fiberglass shower stalls were made. In grade school I took a lawn mower apart to make an air compressor. And that was only the beginning. In high school, I cannibalized an old stove to make a burner for my part-time popcorn business that made me some pretty good money. After high school, I mentored under inventor/entrepreneur, Harold B. MacDonald who developed fiber optics. Pretty cool, huh? We worked with light, glass fibers and the electro-magnetic spectrum to develop medical equipment and optical read heads. It was at this point in my life that I knew what I wanted to do; I just didn't know what you called it.

Then in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts at Southeastern Massachusetts University (SMU), now called the University of Massachusetts, I found out what you called it; Mechanical Engineering. I would of rather become a professional ski instructor but I buckled down and made college work for me. After college I was off and running up and down the East and West coast selling bunji cords while looking for the perfect stretch of beach. Just to keep my perspective however, I interviewed with various aerospace companies.

One of those companies, Lockheed Missile and Space Company, gave me a chance to be a part of a premier aerospace organization responsible for over 50% of all spacecraft that went into space. I learned the finer details of manufacturing space quality Graphite/Epoxy structures and engineered graphite/composite sandwich telescoping, tri-tracked large-diameter tubes. It was here at Lockheed that I engineered and built my first spacecraft graphite/composite solar array frame. And that isn't even the exciting part.

As a materials and process engineer, I worked on the ceramic tiles which were used as the re-entry shield for the first space shuttle, Columbia. It was my responsibility to oversee the process of turning high purity silicon dioxide glass fibers into the ceramic billets used to carve out the shuttle tiles.

Several years before Lockheed and Martin Marietta merged, I went to work for Martin in Littleton, Colorado as an engineer in the Composites laboratory. There I worked on various fiber-reinforced composite projects and as a materials specialist I worked on the design of jet aircraft engine nacelles. (If you don't know what a nacelle is, just look at the Enterprise on Star Trek; the two long tubes up and behind the dome are the nacelles). For four years I was Program Engineer for a $2M year manufacturing program making ablative heat shield paint used on all commercial aircraft jet engines to isolate engine fires.

In 1990, I walked from Martin Marietta to start Altitude Fitness LLC. and I never looked back. I put my efforts into taking the leading edge of aerospace technology and using it in human performance related products. Some of the things we were successful in developing were composite prosthetic devices, a robot arm, a body fitting graphite/kevlar seat for top-fuel dragsters, graphite-wrapped baseball bats, drum sticks, violin bows, and miniature rocket nozzles as well as a honeycomb-sandwich force platform for human metabolic studies. We even developed graphite/epoxy energy return springs for running shoes and energy return crutches! And, oh yea, high altitude fitness chambers.

On a lighter side but with no less time and effort is my family life. Living at the mouth of Waterton Canyon in Littleton Colorado with five children and a wife who runs a successful German shepherd dog breeding business keeps me-and everything else-- moving. We plan on building a new house and updating the shop in the coming year, just to keep up with things that keep growing.

Well, it was nice to share some of my background with you and I hope you learned a thing or two about my passion. A passion I am now sharing with you through thee designing, building and selling of my high altitude fitness chambers. Drop me a line after you read this and let me know how I can help you reach your vertical limit.

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